About Karen

“Being an artist is often a matter of just doing it“, says Karen Kelly. Karen teaches adult beginners at Karen’s Studio 125, within the Essex Studios Complex, 2511 Essex Place, just off Exit #3 of I-71 South, East Walnut Hills, Ohio.

If you are a beginner you may start with simple pencil drawings and move into other media in order to “discover your own artistic personality”. Or, if you have had previous art experience, Karen will encourage you to “pick up where you left off” and “move forward”.

Karen’s Wednesday Classes  are growing. The 2 pm class is large now (8-10 people). 3 & 4 p.m. are open. Starting @ anytime from 2-3:30 p.m.  Karen’s classes are “pay as you go”. You only pay for the lessons @ $5.00 an hour. You can drop out for awhile and come back months later and start over again.

Karen has been involved in Cincinnati’s art community since the late 60’s when she was one of the founders of “Mt. Adams Summer Festival” which became “Summerfair“. Karen is a writer, too. Her column, “From My Studio” appeared in Cincinnati Suburban Press now Community Press Newspapers for more than five years and also in “Skywalk News” which eventually became the Downtowner newspaper. Karen was also one of “The Big Pig Gig” artists. Her pig, “Sowmmerfair” was displayed at Summerfair 2000 in front of Moonlight Gardens and then was displayed in Lytle Park.

Karen has her own art on display at her studio “Karen is a wonderful artist,” said Michael McBride where Karen had her paintings displayed for several years. “Her paintings are creative, spontaneous and different. They make you stop and think. Several of our clients have commented on how wonderful they are.”

You can schedule your art classes at Karen’s Studio by calling 513-600-8063 or send an email to karen-kelly@zoomtown.com