Choose Wisely

If you are creative you may feel the urge to produce artistic work. The process involved in creating art can bring much personal pleasure and satisfaction to you. You may not need a lot of reasons for choosing to be an artist.

Some people pursue art for other reasons. Some artists may choose to create art order to receive approval from others. Others may create art just for the joy of doing it. Some may separate themselves and their art from public viewing. There are others who hide behind their art in self-prescribed isolation.

Many artists enoy sharing their work with people by reaching out to others for comments and legitimate criticism of their work. Construcitve criticism may help an artist develop and improve his or her work.

If you are at a “stage” where you believe you could benefit from further training in your development, carefully choose what you need to study, where you will attend classes and who you will have as your teacher (s).

Going to art school can be enriching or boring. And, it can be very expensive! Make special effort to find a place where there are highly-qualified teachers. Greater Cincinnati has many outstanding art schools. Some of the teachers from these art schools and/or colleges have earned their reputations as fine teachers.

Be wary and avoid negative teachers. Some teachers can be “deadly” to the spirit. Find teachers who enjoy being artists. Find teachers who are enthusiastic about being an artist. Find those who have “been through it”, meaning those who have studied art, produced art and have sold art.

Choosing to be a full-time fine artist is often a major financial challenge. You can pursue a career in another field and still “do art”. A lot of my students are “part-timers”.

Look for alternatives that work for you. Choose wisely. It is important to be realistic in your choices so that your “creative self” can reach a higher level of attainment.