So You Want To Be An Artist?

There’s a bit of the artist in all of us!

Being a creative artist should not be reserved for a favored segment of society, it is in fact something shared by all mankind in varying degrees. From an early age in childhood, each of us has a need to ex­press our own creativity.

As babies we smeared our food across the high chair tray, or if we had the chance we could rub it into our hair. It was fun to pat it with our hands making gooey gobs that went Splat! From our parent’s viewpoint we were making a “mess” but in actuality we were creating something we could see, touch, and feel.

Analyzing a mess.

If we are to take the matter of creating seriously we can think of the “mess” as a mass, a form, a shape … something to be moved within space. As it is mov­ed about the mass changes. New relationships are created. The surface of the tray plays against the moist food causing the food to slide or spread out. The child sees this change, observes it with quick in­terest, then reaches out to change it again and again. He notices that the original mass becomes less as it thins out. He may notice a change in the original texture, or if the food was hot, it becomes cooler.

In the sixties, artists spoke of “happenings.” It was a moment to moment occurrence or event. The principle involved is the same as a child playing with food on his tray. Don’t knock a child’s urge to be creative. The simple desire to work with food, can be transferred to using finger paints, clay, or crayons. Replace the food with children’s art materials.

What about me?

You are wondering what you might do to continue your creative urge.

To really get into the “thick” of artistic creativi­ty get yourself your own box of finger paints. You can find such supplies at arts and crafts shops. You can create your own wrap­ping paper, unique greeting cards, or an interesting pic­ture.
If you enjoy rolling, patting, or spreading a pliable substance get a box of clay. It might be a great relief to be able to create what you wish. How many times you were told what to make… this is your chance to create without interference!

If you find yourself creating in the kitchen, don’t be surprised if you find yourself taking liquids, changing them to solids, placing solid masses in varying relationships to each other. As you “work” think in terms of what is happening.

Each person has his own creative approach to life. You are a creative being. You are, in fact, an artist!