This Business of Art

Being a “serious” artist requires more than just “making art”.

Attention to other details can help you be more productive and at ease as an artist. There are many good books that have been written to help artists as business people, too. You can find them at used book stores or on the internet.

To do:

1. Inventory your supplies, books and art work. 

2. Set up a “working studio”.

3. Design a work schedule. Make use of free time.

4. Bookkeeping: Set up a good bookkeeping procedure. Hire an accountant if you don’t want to do your own bookkeeping.

5. Organize papers: Set up a file system for art-related business papers. Put news clippings in a file or put them in clear plastic protectors in a notebook. Newsletters can be kept in labeled folders.

6. Calendar: Keep a big “Year Round” calendar in full view so that you can plan a “time line” for getting ready for exhibitions and shows. It will help you meet those “looming deadlines”.

7. Sketchbook: Always have a sketchbook at hand. Whether you use your sketchbook (and/or journal) for sketches, notes, thoughts or ideas you can choose to do something creative with your time. Waiting….waiting….waiting can become creating….creating….creating!

Keep creating!