Set II Beginners Lesson 2: Form and Tone

Supplies: Pencil, ruler, drawing paper, paper stomp, eraser, square facial tissue box

In your first set of lessons you drew lines. You also drew lines to make shapes and, or objects. This lesson will help you learn how to make objects look “solid”.

Set up your art supplies. Position the tissue box so that you can see its top and two other sides of the box.

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Look at the edges of the box. These are the “lines” that you will use to draw the box on your paper. You may choose to use your ruler to make straight lines for this lesson.

When you have drawn the box, take your pencil and hld it sideways so that you can rub in some gray color on the sides of the box. Leave the top of the box “as is” without any color. Make one side medium gray and the other side a very dark gray.

“Tone” can be an “all-over” effect from light to dark. Your drawing of a tissue box will show tone. The top is light, one side is medium and the other is dark.

An interesting drawing implement is a “tortillon” or “paper stomp”. These stomps come in various sizes. Use the stomp to soften and blend pencil tones. If you don’t have a paper stomp, use a cotton swab to smudge or blend the area covered with pencil lead.

Try drawing other shapes such as: a cone, cylinder or ball.

Take one more piece of paper and do a “pencil rubbing” all over the paper. Again, hold your pencils so that you use the “side” of the lead. Put pressure on your pencil as you “lay down” enough lead to cover a section of your paper. Stop and change over to the paper stomp to smudge and blend the pencil marks together.

Now, take an eraser and “lift” off areas or use it to “draw” something into the grey lead area.

Remember to sign and date your work. Put his exercise in yhour art folder. With pencil drawings, put a clean sheet of paper between each drawing to keep it from smudging any other art work that you may put next to it.