August 4, 2011

Studio news: I finally purchased a 25,000 BTU air conditioner. It's cooling 1/2 of the studio when turned on a couple of hours before class. Will be turning it on the night before so that it's cool for our class. The overhead fans (3) help to circulate the air, too. This is an old building (clothing factory) that holds heat – nice in the winter. There are a lot of windows, too. I'm thinking of getting some roller blinds to knock back some of the heat, too. I figure if I plan to stay there for another 5-10 years, it should be a comfortable place to work. And, with these changes,

I may add on more class hours – say a Tues. evening class, casino online too.

Students are making good progress. Teaching 4 teenagers. We're covering “the basics”. I'm hoping that I've introduced them to enough various materials and techniques (only “scratched” the surface) that they will take what they have learned and use it throughout their lives. (Big hope on my part). I've put their work on Facebook, too.

I'm also on Twitter (krnstudio). Learning how to use social networking to increase studio business and share our progress.


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