Show Time!

     Getting ready for my next show at the Symphony Hotel is a priority task on my list of “to-do”s” for this month. Five paintings are framed and “ready to go”. I have two other paintings I want to complete. They are street scenes done on illustration board – using gouache, watercolor, ink, marking pen and acrylic paint.

     It certainly is encouraging to have family and friends  who appreciate my paintings and drawings. This Thanksgiving and Christmas I continued the tradition of doing my own card. Uncle Gene kept a scrapbook of my pictures for years. One year I didn”t produce “an original card” for Christmas. It was an “awful moment” for Uncle Gene. Oh my! So, now I continue the tradition – easily – online slots by taking a photo

of one of my paintings and reproducing it through Publisher 98 on my old, reliable computer. This year

Mama and I sent out more than 200 cards.

     Back to discussing the show: what is required is a system and supplies. I have pre-printed tags that can be filled in “on the spot” and posted by the painting. I have a bag which contains hammers, hooks and other materials for hanging a show. I need to make a postcard that will be my “advertising” for this show. I think I”ll produce my own and save a big printing bill. Oh my! I need to check with Symphony Hotel for final details, too. Onward!

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