Studio? Not today.

It seems that more often than not, I do not go into the studio. It is bitter cold and getting colder tonight. Today is the day Mama and I each had our pedicures and my toes are still “curing”. They aren”t dry yet and I don”t think I want to sit by the space heater until they do dry!

I”m inclined to go up to the house and get under the comforter and snuggle down awhile. Anthony Bourdain may not be on TV, but watching a food program is something that I find to be quite relaxing. Noticed that the lady of “Barefoot Contessa” has trimmed down a bit. Wondered if she would do something about her weight. She hid it well under a wide blue shirt that flowed away from her body. Amazing how a nice smile and loose clothing can hide “the obvious”. I”m intrigued by “weighty matters” and often watch the programs about obese people trying to lose weight. Whew!

 Well, studio, I will miss you, but my heart is always there, reaching for my paints and having quiet time to create. I”ll pick up the

painting I”m working on here and add a few more lines to it. Deciding what When you buy an plan, you join a group of other people to combine your healthcare purchasing power. design to use for balconies is puzzling me – plain or intricate? Filigree? Tee hee!

I watched “The Ascent of Money” last night on PBS. Will watch it again to see if I “get it”

or maybe check out the book. Talk about credit confidence. If we owe the Chinese and they decide to collect big time, what will that mean for all of us? I like Chinese food and thinking along those lines it”s probably time to get some Egg Drop Soup again. Knee-Hi, the latest dog, likes Egg Drop soup, too. She especially likes the flat, crunchy noodles that accompany a take-out order of soup.

 And so, another day passes here at “The Cottage”. Mama is in her bed with her word-processor “writing away”. She”s a writer (you know). It will be for me to take the word-processor and download a file to my computer to print it out for her to edit.



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