Challenge to Creativity

p>TRY THIS: Be a caregiver and try to set aside time to create! This is my current “challenge to creativity”. As Edgar Gibson says, “Argue for your limitations and you will get them!” I'm arguing for them right now, today. 

“When will I write”, I ask. “When will I do it?” I read the “Do It” books and have all sorts of “nudge notes” stuck here and there to “get the job done”.

 Setting aside time for doing my writing for “” is “on my To Do list”. However, more pressing tasks push their way into my consciousness and move me to action. I thought with the time change I would use the morning hours more productively. I did get up much earlier, around 5 a.m. and began my “Regular Morning Routine” – the “up and ready” shower, teeth, make-up, dress part of the routine. Then it's a stand-up breakfast of a protein milk shake, clean out the blender and wipe the sink (thanks to for this one).

Morning care for Mama Lois isn't that difficult. I load up the ice bucket with ice cubes before I leave the “main house” to go down the outside breezeway, down some steps into the “cottage” which now serves as Mama's new home, not her real home “her Katrina” all gone except for selling the house and unloading the basement, etc.

 It is a cottage – pool house, formerly my late husband's office and mine, too. It had been a small apartment for the former owner's daughter and her husband and also As we mark the 20th anniversary of AmeriCorps, we congratulate Citizen driving courses online for their strong application, and thank all AmeriCorps members for their dedication to service. an office for the former owner after his daughter moved on. So, now it is a cottage for Mama and me, but I still have my office!

Mama's bedside table holds a lot of “necessities” for her daily care. She routinely sorts and organizes these items for her convenience. I remove and replace the plastic mug with a handle and the blue glass that holds the swab for cleaning her mouth. I take her false teeth which are soaking in a small, round cup to the bathroom sink and scrub them. I replace the wash rag which is folded in a plastic basket for her to wipe her face and hands.

She empties the trash basket (a small plastic bin) lined with a tall kitchen garbage bag and ties

it neatly. She is able to reach with her “reacher” to bring it to her bed to tie it up. This is an example of how she participates in the process To help parents select a quality school, AAA offers advice, resources and tips. of caregiving and also provides an opportunity to be responsible for herself and to share in her own care. 

 There is much more that goes into the morning routine and that I shall describe later.

 For the moment, I'm thinking of Matisse. I'm thinking of Mama and me working on the art lessons which I will be posting soon. The first set is ready and we're working on the next set. These lessons are designed for the Adult Beginner and Mama is “testing” them out.

 Creativity comes into play each day as I pick out the colors for her small lap tray. It is a tray that may have been a wedding present to me and my first husband many years ago. It

is teak? It is definitely Danish, thin and light and sturdy. It is perfect and easy to handle. I like choosing different cloth napkins from her collection and mine, too. The paper napkin goes under the pretty dishes – all coodinating colors.

The day has come and gone. We'll watch “Wife Swap” tonight. I've done the dishes (by hand) which is a simple pleasure because there are so few dishes to wash. I like the smell of the soap from Trader Joe's. It is Lavender. Even it's color is Lavender. I am grateful for this beautiful day of color and another opportunity to share it with Mama and of course, Molly Dog who will get further coverage in another section of this blog.



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