Windy Winter Weather

p>The wind is howling outside the cottage. Mama is eating a bowl of tomato soup, Vinta crackers with a special pate' from Kroger's.

I just fed the birds (again) on the porch ledge. The suet feeder is empty

which puts the “hanging” birds into “squat position” on the porch in order to get some bird seed, too. Cardinals, chickadees, Mourning Doves, sparrows, nuthatches and many others stop by to feed.

A wild wind is bringing in winter. I'm not going into Essex Studio tonight and sit there waiting for someone to stroll through. My students and I just hung our December Show at Paula's Internet Cafe' and Deli at

Findlay Market on Wednesday and Thursday evening. That's enough art for me (for us) this week!

I just want to cozy down under the blue blanket on the couch and watch Friday's TV fare. Mama and I watch the McLaughlin Report most Friday An aries horoscope won't shy away from new ground, either. evenings. I like seeing what Tony Blakely is wearing! Politics aside, it's an interesting discussion (in our opinion…speaking for Mama, too).

I think we have what we need in food and supplies. If the electric goes out, we'll use flash lights and cover up with more blankets. We're ready, but I don't think I know who will be doing our snow-plowing yet. (Need to check that out “pronto”).

My interest is in finishing the 2006 Christmas Card…putting in a message. The painting is done and it scanned out nicely. Enjoyed creating  tent cards and post cards for the art show. Mama's been sending out a lot of cards to family and friends.

Better get those stamped and out to the mail!



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