Update from Karen's Studio 10/7/ 07

p>Hooray! We did it! We opened  the studio for the Oct. Art Walk @ Essex Studios. Many pople stopped by to enjoy our art work, good food and company. Penny Deer's beautiful display of handmade soaps were a bit hit!

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Penny will be at our next two openings, too. Candice Teasely and Susan Deyo were “on board” to help set up, hang up and set out all that is required for a special show. Speaking of “show” … Moe is always a big hit – with her bright, colors and personality plus. Wanda, Candice's mom, helps out, too…and she enjoys art!

Meeting new artists up and down “our hall” was fun. Jeff Smith's photos are exquisite… I bought two. Then the lady who made the tiny Fairies and other whimsical figures caught my pocket book “off guard”.   Mainifest Gallery is a best-horoscope.com man may demonstrate extravagant desires. major and important addition to Essex Studios. Candice and I want to sign up for some of their drawing opportunities. Tree lovers – woods people who revel at the magtnificence of trees will love Robert Mullenix's work. View his

work at http://rwmullenix.blogspot.com/

Several people showed interest in classes with Karen on Wednesday evenings – $15.00 “Pay as you go” -for a 2 hr. session. Penny is considering teaching classes on making soap molds. Susan teaches Pencil Drawing. If you have any interest in classes, please call Karen @ 513-600-8063.

Today our bricks go on  the  auction block – to raise money and awareness for Women's Breast Cancer.  See the bricks: www.breastcancerbricks.org

One more note: This Wednesday evening i'm attending the Cincinnati Independents food event @ Newport Aquarium for a Food Tasting. Magnificent!

Also, visit www.meetup.com for information about many fun groups. You'll find my Brunch Club

and Tea Toads there. 

OJNWARD!  Karen Kelly “As Always”


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