July 30th, 2008

All is well “around here”. Mama”s still “with us”. It will be 2 years August 1st (I do believe). Will check this out. We manage each day – day by day – sometimes I use the 15-minute timer to tick off the minutes and to keep me focused.

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I”ve been writing (again). This time it”s about my father”s history. I”ve found his writings (some of them) in his old briefcase which is falling apart at the seams – truly splitting apart. It”s been interesting “digging”. He put his thoughts in writing  on legal-sized yellow paper as he was pondering various matters that concerned him.The paper now is aged and darker in color.

I swim in the morning and drink Aria Women”s Protein Drink for breakfast. I continue acupuncture treatments on Thursday mornings. Having a social life through Meetup.com has made life more enjoyable – going Corporation 1Read Customer Reviews Submit a Customer Review See trends in Customer Reviews for Golden State Driving driving school chicago Inc Find more businesses offering similar services. out to many interesting places to eat and attending various art, music and theater events. I”m an organizer

of three groups – Tea Toads, The Cincinnati Brunch Club and Art, Music & Theater Meetup.

I also continue to go to the studio on Wednesday evenings or attend art events on Wednesday evenings at The Cincinnati Art Museum.

Creating some art “along the way gives me some time to relax and step back from “caregiving duties”. My paintings are abstract and are quickly produced. I sell some of them now for $20 “off the wall” at our art walks.

OK. Enough for today”s “catch-up” post.



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